Thursday, July 17, 2008

cfl cleanup

Attached is a link to the EPA page on cleaning up after a cfl breaks. As you can read, they (and we should) take this very seriously. I think the public desperately needs to be informed of the dangers of spreading mercury around their homes before it is too late. (think lead paint) The last time I was in Lowes in Lloyd there were broken cfls in at least two locations around the store. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the home improvement store as a fun place to take my children.


Dan said...

Here's a good Popular Mechanics Q&A on the subject, too:

Dave Murray said...

Are you suggesting that you agree with this author that "so long as your child doesn't eat it" not to worry? I'm sorry but I trust the EP
A over a glib article in Popular Mechanics. What exactly was the reality check they were referring to? By calling it a reality check they imbue themselves with "popular" authority.
CFL's are a great thing just be very careful cleaning them up if one breaks in your house.

Dan said...

I'd trust EPA as the best authority, too.