Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CFL, battery and electronics recylcing

As a follow up to Daves Blog on 7/16, Waste Management has just launched, a streamlined online service for the recycling of universal household waste, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), batteries, and eventually other household electronics. offers consumers convenient mail-in solutions to safely store and recycle heavy metal containing household devices, as well as resources to encourage household sustainability.



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Laura Petit said...

Emily, there are local Towns throughout Ulster County that are also taking computers and CFLs. Hurley and New Paltz are two. Saugerties and Marbletown take computers. All four have non-residential permits and a small fee for recycling. For instance, New Paltz is $2 for a one day permit and $1 for each bulb/$3 for each computer, printer, monitor. True Value in New Paltz takes CFLs for $1 and I heard that Home Depot had or was going to implement a fluorescent collection program. Laura