Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cap and Trade

I thought to share with you all Annie Leonard's (of The Story of Stuff) new offering, "The Story of Cap and Trade". By all accounts this is an introductory video to a very complex issue. It looks like more windfall profits for the financial industry and polluters with us holding the bag and suffering the consequences for a carbon tax by another name. She has it right, lets spend our effort on real carbon reducing like wind, solar and efficiency and not give the polluters new tools to fleece us. I read tonight that John Kerry is a big supporter of Cap and Trade but has failed to support the Cape Wind energy project in his own backyard. Dave Murray

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Dan said...

Cool. Thanks Dave. NY Times columnist/Nobel economist Paul Krugman had an interesting take on cap-and-trade, particularly since prominent climate scientist James Hansen has argued that a carbon tax is a better way to go about accomplishing pollution reduction. Here it is: