Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tree Seedling Giveaway - Breathe Green Esopus!

The Town Of Esopus Environmental Board will present its Third Annual Breathe Green, Esopus! tree and shrub seedling giveaway on Saturday, April 18 from 1-4 p.m. at the new Town Hall, 284 Broadway (Route 9W).

Bare-root tree and shrub seedlings will be available free for town residents. Varieties available will include Mountain Ash, Witch Hazel and Toringo Crabapple.

Green leaves from trees produce oxygen for all of us. In the fall, they provide material for composting!

Also Saturday, April 18 in Port Ewen:

10 a.m. Old Town Library: Promoting Pride in Port Ewen hosts its Sidewalk Sweep street cleanup. Please bring a broom, dustpan and bucket.

4 p.m. Town Hall: Klyne Esopus Museum presents: American Indians In The Time Of Henry Hudson, a talk by Laurence Hauptman. (Part of New York's Quadricentennial celebration.)

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