Friday, February 27, 2009

Bald eagle sighting in Port Ewen

I just got word that there's a bald eagle perched at Medrex, clearly in view from Route 9W in Port Ewen. I'll try to follow with a photo.

I saw one glide over Ross park a couple weeks ago, headed toward the Hudson.

Eagles have recovered strongly on the Hudson River in the last roughly 10 years, and there are several nesting pairs that live along the river. In winter, many fly down from Canada, too, looking for open water and fish. Who knows is this one is a resident or visitor?


Emily Pereira said...

I have seen one at Sturgen Pond in the past. Really cool.

birdsef said...

I saw, perhaps this same one, last year in Port Ewen as well. Last spring he circled above George Freer Park, over the water. Big as day, what an experience to watch him glide over the water. Beautiful. Bet it is the same one.