Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/21/09: Env. Board meeting agenda

Proposed Agenda:
1. Roll call, approval of minutes and vouchers, etc.
2. Membership
3. Lighting survey
5. Recycling
6. Waterfront Board update
6. New business

Emily P: In addition to the agenda for tonight’s meeting, I would like everyone to think of some goals for the new year, particularly another tangible project that we can reasonably complete within the year. I think that by the end of tonight’s meeting we should have established completion dates for existing projects (lighting survey and recycling contract); discussed goals for the year to include a new project and long term goals; and a list of community events we want to head and/or participate in during the year (another sapling giveaway?, guest speaker, chestnut pull, Hudson Fulton, etc.).

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